Friends of IKF Booster Club

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Friends of IKF Booster Club

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The Friends Of IKF Booster Club

The International Karate Federation (IKF) is a Hawaii-based, family-run karate school founded by Sensei Chuzo Kotaka. IKF is committed to developing not just great athletes, but also great people. Established in 1966, IKF has produced multiple world champions and countless other high-achieving students.

The Friends of International Karate Federation (FIKF) is dedicated to supporting the students of IKF in both competition and training. Organized and led by IKF student families, FIKF has helped our students reach the highest levels of achievement in karate. IKF students frequently take home top prizes at local and national level tournaments, a feat that would be impossible for many without the aid provided by FIKF.

Friends of IKF